Kiss True Volume Lashes In Chic And My First Time Applying Them The Right Way

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Wearing Falsies is not my thing. Why?
Two reasons, one, I have long lashes so thankfully I don't need them and two because I struggle putting them on.
 I can put them on others but when it comes to me they never stay in place, the inner corners are a hassle and I get frustrated and give up.

Well, I recently went grocery shopping and the Kiss lashes were on sale for $2.50 with a coupon. I have many lashes at home because I do other people's makeup as a hobby at times, so I invested in the elf lashes and a big pack I purchased on EBay that contains natural lashes.
This is what the pack looks like ...

Any way these Kiss Lashes come in a variety of styles and the one I chose was called Chic. They are beautiful long and natural looking lashes that give a volumized effect. 
I bought these for myself because I wanted to attempt one more time putting them on myself maybe it was the brand. But I came to a conclusion it wasn't the brand or the glue. It was me because I struggled and I wasn't using the right method that suited me. I have only used lashes 2 times for my music video and for the Jennifer Bradley makeover I got in December, those lashes were Demi but looked great.

These particular Kiss Lashes come with a pigmented creamy black liner. The liner is intense and I had to take it off with remover which is a plus.

Ok, so now for my Expierince at putting these cuties on. I recently saw Sineady from the Makeup Chair on a youtube video on how she used an angle eyeliner brush to dab on the glue and line the upper lashline then apply the falsies. It worked like a charm on her so I tried it.
I used the Kiss Clear Strip Adhesive glue and an Essence Cosmetics angle brush I bought at Ulta.

My first result was not good because I realized the lashes were too long for me
So below was the crazy look. Lol
Good thing the angled brush method did work.
All I did was put some of the glue on my hand and dipped the brush in it and ran it across my lashline.
Be warned! The following pics are to pay focus on the eyelashes not my liner, freckles or no eyemakeup lol
Ok let's move on…
Oh and yes the glue didn't want to come off my hand so next time I'll place it on a card or something else.

First Attempt: Boo! too long on outer corner

Ok Here's the second attempt after I trimmed the lashes. Awesome, I think!
I did it!
I was so happy and felt so accomplished. All I did was one eye just for practice and to use for this post.

I used the liner that came with the Kiss lashes after applying the lashes then went over with some black shadow.
Again it's not a good liner look because I just ran it across the strip of the lash in a hurry. But I feel very confident now more than ever with applying lashes on myself.
I think I will continue to practice and use them on special occasions.

To my surprise taking them off was easy, I just found a little lash being the false one and pulled it out. Of course I was careful because I didn't want to take out my own lashes but next time I'll use remover.

So Because I want to keep these lashes a little while longer for a couple of more uses, I chose to clean them with an oil free makeup remover on a cotton swab and run it across the strip.
I laid them to dry and they were ready to get reapplied.

I was so happy with my accomplishment that I definitely plan to buy more falsies, especially at that sale price:)
And this method of using a an angled brush with glue might not be the traditional way of applying falsies but for me it is the right way and the best way. My results proved it be:)

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A Nice Refreshing Way To Drink Healthier

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

An Infuser Pitcher? Yes, this is a great way to start drinking healthier instead of reaching for your sodas or non healthy liquids that can cause havoc on your skin and overall health.
I tend to drink raspberry ice tea, lemonade and clear sodas like Gingerale, 7Up , Sierra Mist and Sprite.
So when testing this product, I was pleasantly surprised that water can taste great infused with fruit.

This fruit infusion pitcher is awesome! It can definitely encourage us all to drink more water.
I really like this pitcher and I was able to test it out with some lemons and the results were wonderful. Actually, the results tasted wonderful. It's very easy to fill and it has a detachable lid where you put all your fruit in and then you just put it in the refrigerator overnight and in the morning you will have all your fruits infused in the water. 
Of course, chunks of fruit does not fall inside the water but the juices from the fruits themselves trickle their way down the infuser making it a great clear crisp tasting fruity water.

Not only does this pitcher look nice displaying the fruit but it's also beneficial for your health to keep you away from sugary sodas or sugary drinks. I only wish that this infuser water pitcher would have a filtration system but unfortunately it doesn't that would be a different product in itself. 
So, I have to use my filtered water, place it in the pitcher with my fruit but I still get a great tasting water an alternative that's beneficial. 
Now when using this pitcher be sure to drink up the water before 2 weeks because I did notice mold on my strawberries and I had to throw them out with the water. 
But other than that this is a great pitcher to have and you can be creative by choosing kiwis, strawberries, oranges ect.

This is how it looks with lemons:)

Another fruity recipe is combining lemons and strawberries.

Now, for the tastiest of them all are the lemons and strawberries crushed like a puree with a tablespoon of confectionary powdered sugar. Mmm delicious!
Of course, the point of the Infuser pitcher is too stay away from sugary drinks but I see no harm in making fruit water tastier lol
A little sugar won't hurt unless the Doc says stay away...

You can find the fruit infusion pitcher on Amazon for $17.99 with Prime.
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Oventure Packing Cubes And My Music On ITunes

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a Discounted Price.

This product is very handy, very sturdy and very portable. Looking at all the reviews for these packing cubes on Amazon, I see that the major use is for travel and clothing items, but I also wanted to show you how I use them as well besides traveling. 

These cubes can also be used for keeping handbags nice and protected and stored until you're ready to use them. 
I'm also using them to store my CDs for when I go sing and want to sell them or just to save them on my closet shelf. 
I usually carry a huge carrying case when I go sing but with the medium cube they are nicely stored and convenient for portably and small enough to travel lightly.

I also used the smaller cube to store my clutches. These cubes are great! and their handles are just the right size for carrying and they can be used pretty much for anything you want safely and neatly stored for either travel or in your house or closet.

Here are some pictures on how I used mine but of course when I'm ready to travel and go on a plane or  prepare for my upcoming cruise some of these cubes will be used for my clothes except for one that is great for my undergarments and toiletries. 

I also forgot to mention these cubes are great for makeup palettes and cosmetics either for travel or to keep them neatly stored and dust free at home. 
I have so many ideas on how these cubes can be used so I'm glad I invested in them for my storage and traveling needs.You can get them on Amazon for $24.48 with Prime.
And since you all know that I'm a Gospel Singer because it says so on my Bio lol , I invite you check out my music by clicking MY MUSIC 

Here I stored and could fit my 2 large handbags in the larger cube, then you will see I stored 13 of my cd packs tied in rubber bands in the medium cube and then in the smaller cube I stored some of my smaller bags and clutches. And all cubes looked nice and neat and safely stored in my closet shelf.

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Stanzino Red V-Neck Top Review and Pictures

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

I felt very comfortable wearing this v-neck casual tunic top from Stanzino. 
The material is very breathable and makes you feel cozy as well and I wore it over some black yoga pants and I Iooked and felt great!
I received a medium in the color red and it fit just right. 

I also like that the top is shorter in the front and longer in the back for that coverage I like and need. 
This top can worn dressed down or dressed up by wearing a skirt or jeans or slacks with and some cool accessories like a fashionable pendant, bracelet and earrings. 

You can get this top on Amazon for $15.00 with free shipping and it comes in different colors and sizes from Small to 4XL. 
The material is 79%polyester, 18% Rayon and 3% Spandex and it's machine washable.
Here are some pics of me in the Stanzino Tunic… 

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Click Roast Deliver And My First Time Drinking A Cafe Latte

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

Today's blog post is pretty much going to be about this innovative Coffee Service that delivers fresh coffee roasters and blends to your doorstep.
The company is called Click Roast Deliver and be found online at

I was given the opportunity to order two bags of coffee and try it out. I personally do not drink coffee, I stopped doing so as a kid. lol

Funny but true story, My grandma used to fill my bottle with Puerto Rican coffee when I was a little girl and after I grew up I never touched the stuff again. Yes, coffee smells good sometimes even like chocolate which is my favorite but I never had the urge to try it again.
After so many years we now have lattes, espressos, mochas, ect and I have yet to taste one until now.
I'l get to my experience later, let's first talk about Click Roast Deliver.

At Click Roast Deliver, you have the option to purchase as many times as you wish or have a subscription with them where monthly you can receive your favorite coffee, ranging from grounded coffee flavors to whole bean, decaf and non-decaf , Esspressos, Coffe by roast in light, medium, dark and the list goes on.

Here's a little background on Click Roaster Deliver …

   The Klassen family - Terry, Michael, and Brandon, started an Office Coffee Service in the Seattle area, Blue Tiger Coffee Service.  Focused on providing outstanding local coffees from artisan roasters, and top-notch customer service, Blue Tiger has grown rapidly, expanding into Los Angeles.  Partnering with Ryan Roumonada, we decided to bring this same concept to the home market.  We are spoiled to live in Seattle, a.k.a. “Coffee City, USA”, surrounded by amazing roasters.  Many people throughout the U.S. don’t have access to the amazing coffees we do, so we’d like to change that.  That is why we have launched Click Roast Deliver.  We are offering mainly Pacific NW roasters, but will be expanding to include Roasters across the U.S. very quickly.  Everyone deserves a delicious cup of coffee, and we are making that happen.  

All their coffee bags consist of many different size ounces ranging from $13 to $16 dollars.

These are the roasters I chose for my husband because he's the coffee drinker in the house.
Becuase we have an Espresso Maker, it was fitting to get the esspresso fine ground blends.

Unfortunately, there was a mixup in the delivery order and I received an espresso and a coffee bean.
So, I wrote the company and they rectified the order plus gave me an additional coffee bag.
Now we have coffee for months or more!

Here are my choices below:

And all the roasters combined Zoka Coffee and Keala's Pano Blend.

Now for my experience, I was nervous but I did drink some of the Hawaiian coffee in the picture below. My hubby prepared me a cafe latte.

My first sip was delicious then I sipped some more and some more and a little bit more then I stopped.
My imagination took me back to my childhood and now here I am drinking coffee as a grown adult in a different way for the first time and I'm enjoying it all over again.

I drank it for this post alone but I don't think I will again or maybe. I just don't want to become addicted to it. And It's not something I will gravitate to like Hot Chocolate plus I did not like the after taste it gave me and the coffee breath lol but that was all a part of the experience.

The great thing is my husband loves it and he drinks it everyday and now that we have the coffee from Click Roast Deliver, that makes him one pleased Gentleman.

Look at this Cafe Latte he prepared, looked so pretty and smelled wonderful and yes tasted delicious...

If you want to experience Click Roast Deliver for yourself heres a discount code for 20% off your first order, shipping not included which is $3.95 for one bag, $1.95 for 2 bags and if you puchase 3 bags shipping is free all by Priority mail and for now shipping is for the U.S. only.

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Stanzino Black V Neck Jumpsuit Review


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

Here's an outfit that's built into one that you just slip on and feel great in it. It's the v neck jumper from Stanzino.
It fit great and I felt very confident and classy in it. It's form fitting and it comes with a little material belt to tie it into place, it's short sleeved with an elastic waist.
This Black jumpsuit  is so comfortable that I felt as if I were wearing a long T-shirt because it was very breathable as well.
This is is what it's made of...

  • Machine Washable 
  • Made in the USA 

The Stanzino Jumper ranges in all sizes from Small to 4X and they run true to size.
I got a small and it was not tight or loose it was just right.
Here's a size chart for info on wether or not your interested in getting this jumper on Amazon for only 20 bucks if you're a prime member and if not a member, shipping is not included.

This size chart is intended for reference only. Sizes can vary between brands.


Manufacturer size USAWaist
(in inches)
(in inches)


Manufacturer size USAWaist
(in inches)
(in inches)
I really like that you can dress this jumper with a cover up or a tank top on the inside like I did.

In the picture below, I am wearing the black jumper alone and the tank top inside for coverage. And I dressed it up with my Zebra pendant, dangling zirconia earrings, a black bracelet and some cute sandals from Famous Footwear.

The other option is wearing a blazer, cover up or a long sheer sweater like this from Forever 21.
But the choice is yours and you can play it up as you wish.

What's also nice about this style jumper is that it comes in different colors.

So, if you like this jumper like I do it's waiting for you on Amazon:) 

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Flawless Faces By Lorez Troy


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

This duo brush and sponge set is really neat! I like that the sponge can be used in the small and narrow spaces around the eyes and nose area  because of it's pointed tip and the brush is really nice, fluffy and soft. 
I did have a problem though with the handle where the synthetic brush is attached to, it got loose while applying my blush. :( 
But, I did manage to glue it back together and once everything was intact the brush worked really well. 
Plus, when I contacted the company about the issue, they sent me another one with one of their other products.

In the pic below, you will see me using the sponge side for my concealer and the brush side for my blush and bronzer and then my finished makeup look. 
This is a pretty cool interesting concept especially if you don't want to travel with too many brushes, you get 2 in one.

Flawless Faces is easy to clean, and it reminds me of the Beauty Blender because when you wet the sponge it expands and reacts the same way, but in no way does this compare to the Beauty Blender or other dupes but it does work well and blends concealer and other makeup products with ease and gives a nice streak-free flawless finish. 

You can find this neat little tool on Amazon for $14.97, personally it's a little pricey for me but everyone is entitled to their budget.

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Free bareMinerals Blemish Remedy Foundation At Sephora

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Sephora is at it again spoiling their Beauty Insiders.
Now, for a limited time if you receive a Beauty Insider email that has a free bareMinerals coupon, you can get a free deluxe sample size of bareMineral's new Blemish Remedy Foundation for free without any purchase inside your local Sephora inside JC Penney .

I have already redeemed my coupon and this foundation is really nice.
The texture is smooth and silky and it goes on light weight and leaves a beautiful soft finish.
I always use concealer and now more so by making it a full coverage foundation, then I set it with mineral foundation. And that's exactly how I used The bareMinerals Blemish Remedy.
So far, I have been using this foundation for 3 days and no breakouts or allergic reaction what so ever. yay!

The deluxe sample size is 0.3 grams which is good for me for about 2 weeks, because a little goes a long way.
The packaging is super cute and it comes with a tiny adorable fluffy kabuki brush that really works.

The lady at the register had 3 shades to offer for light, medium and dark skin tones.
Since, I'm a medium skin tone she gave me the Blemish Remedy foundation in Clearly Silk.

Here is what this foundation claims to do:

The fusion of Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid and Aspen Bark is what sparked my curiosity to try it, and I'm so glad I did. And I'm hoping it does all it claims to do.

The Blemish Remedy comes in 12 shades, Clearly Silk looks darker in the photo but it's my perfect match it does not go on dark at all. I'm an NC 25 in Mac if that's helpful if you are the same skin tone as me and you need to find your match in the Blemish Remedy foundation.
Oh, yes the retail price for the full size is $27.00 and it's exclusively at Sephora.

And Here are my Results...
Let me know if you try it and what your thoughts are:)

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